North Carolina Juvenile Officers Association


Outstanding Juvenile Officer of the Year Award
“Leonard T. Williams Award”
The Leonard T. Williams Award is presented annually to the outstanding juvenile officer of the year. The recipient is selected by the Association's Nominating Committee. Eligibility requirements for nominations are as follows: Officer must be a full time sworn law enforcement officer, No age limit shall apply, Officer shall have exhibited outstanding ability in performance of his or her duties in keeping with professional standards of law enforcement, Officer should have made some contribution to the advancement of the juvenile officer’s profession, Officer's personal conduct must be beyond reproach and should set an example for other citizens, Officer should be active in civic and community affairs in further displaying his community awareness and willingness to participate, and Officer should be a member, in good standing, of the NCJOA. Nomination must be submitted by a full time law enforcement officer.


1980 Joseph E. Quinn, Rutherford County SD                    1981 Tommy Gumm, Burlington Police Dept.
1982 Sonnie Simpson, Greensboro Police Dept.                    1983 Jerry V. Barbee, Burlington Police Dept., DECEASED
1984 Darold Cox, Sampson County SD                    1985 Odessa Long  Greensboro Police Dept.
1986 Gene Walker, Rutherford County SD                    1987 Joe Jackson, Greensboro Police Dept.
1988 Ron Burrow, Burlington Police Dept.                    1989 Robert Zambron  United States Marine Corps
 1990 Gene Ledford, Macon County SD                    1991 Clayton Oxendine, Lumberton Police Dept.
 1992 Judy Herman, Iredell County SO                    1993 Laverne Bolick, Catawba County SD
1994 Bucky Simpson, Concord Police Dept.                    1995 Tom Bennett, Onslow County SD
1996 Charles Baldwin, Cherokee Indian Police                    1997 Donna Freeman Roberson County SD
1998 Tim Adams Gastonia Police Dept.                    1999 Cordelia Johnson, Pender County SD
 2000 Robert Holland, Macon County SD                    2001 Bruce Fore, Buncombe County SD
2002 Dexter Lowe, Burlington Police Dept.                    2003 Don Ward, Lumberton Police Dept.
2004 Jeff Hawkins, Gastonia Police Dept.                    2005 Sheron Shooter Lumberton Police Dept.
2006 Amy Stewart, Macon County Sheriff's Dept.    .               2007  Robert Helton, Gastonia Police Dept.
2008 Brett Currie, Burlington Police Dept.                   2009 David Johnson, Statesville Police Dept.
2010 Pete Locklear, Lumberton Police Dept.                    2011 Judy Lau, Macon County Sheriffs Office
2012 Kellie Gutherie, Morehead City Police Dept.                   2013 Charles Kurfees, Statesville Police Dept.
2014 Crystal Scott, Statesville Police Dept.                   2015 Franklin Rice, Morehead City Police Dept.

                                          2016 Reggie Allen, Iredell County Sheriff's Office         2017 Amery Wells, NC Forestry Service                                                               

Deadline for Nominations are May 10       

Please highlight nomination form and choose print selection from your print options screen.
Or you may use the format below and submit an email through the box at the bottom of the screen.
Please describe why this Juvenile Officer should receive the Leonard T. Williams Award. Follow the requirements or guidelines for nominating and be as specific as possible. Please type and use additional pages if needed.

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Please attach a nomination letter describing why your nominee should be the Leonard T. Williams Award recipient.